Yoga Kurunta

Sunday April 7th Black Mountain Barn

For those who joined me, thank you 🙏🏻 Here’s a few of my highlights

🌀the informed connections with body alignment in our standing asana, 

🌀the unfolding of the spine letting go completely into the ropes, 

🌀climbing the wall and hanging like an Orangutan !

For me a day of marvellous meaningful connections whilst using our Rope wall for invigorating spinal flexibility and quiet soporific immersion in inversion and post practice the sharing of our plant based lunch and stories of life off the mat. 

The venue was beautiful, warm, spacious, so quiet and energetically pure, sat amidst the Black Mountains overlooked by the Offa’s Dyke. 

It was full of delicious trimmings that made our day nothing short of splendid.

We will return to the barn very soon, where you can expect more fascinating puppeteering, fine food, fabulous connections with yoga friends and in better weather we will walk to the river.

Yoga Kurunta aims to allow the body to be suspended as well as supported.  Because the body is tethered by the ropes and anchored with the feet, a pose like Down Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) can be held for a much longer period of time. This gives you an opportunity to refine, focus and go deeper into the experience of asana.  

Many beginners of yoga are not always ready for inversions, but working with ropes facilitates the process by making you feel more stable and secure. You will develop confidence to practice inversions which in the ropes are safe and easy to acheive. Just as a reminder, Inversion helps :

  • Reduce back pain
  • Increase mental awareness and concentration
  • Increases digestive power and regulates elimination
  • Helps detoxify the body as the lymph nodes and blood are purified
  • Elevates mood, reduces depression and improves quality of life.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to try something new and be guided by you and all your knowledge and attention to detail. I really did enjoy the workshop, the venue, scenery (being in the mountains makes me feel truly alive even in the dismal weather), the food and the company were first class.

One of my highlights of my experience of the ropes would have to be the benefits that were felt after and that continued into today. I had the best nights sleep after the workshop that I’ve had for a long time and today I felt like I was walking far more upright, straighter and at least a foot taller all with totally relaxed shoulders. What a difference 🤩 My spine has definitely benefited from the rope experience. 

Thank you soooooo much for being such an amazing and attentive teacher and for giving us this opportunity to deepen our yoga practice.

Jill H.