Welcome to Wildwood Yoga 

An Iyengar practice of Yoga

You have landed in the home of the Iyengar Yoga Community here in the
Forest of Dean, welcome !
We take to our mats in accordance to our needs and experience. Whether a beginner, already practicing, experienced or senior citizen, the classes are energising, sometimes challenging and also restorative. In our method we learn how to build the architecture of asana and pranayama in a focused and exacting manner ensuring all systems of the being ( physical, physiological, psychological, emotional) are supported correctly for you to experience the tremendous health benefits and power of yoga.
The practice of Yoga is very old, thousands of years old!  but ultimately the goals remain the same;  health and the end of suffering, skillful action in life, integration of self and ultimately liberation. Its a lifetime study!
Iyengar yoga is a traditional practice drawing deeply from these ancient roots. I do not mix other styles or methodologies as I bring you a safe, guided, contemporary practice accesable by all.
I am Kishe Redwood, it is my privilege and pleasure to invite you to join me in a no frills, grounded guidance in the Iyengar tradition of yoga.
Welcome to our community.