What Should I wear ?

Wear clothing that allows free movement, close fitting leggings, shorts, capri and t-shirt or long sleeved T shirt are ideal. Bring a warm layer of clothing, these are village halls! Please take shoes off before entering the hall. No socks worn during practice.

If you can take a shower before practice you will be clean and feel really great…promise!

What do I need to bring ?

Yourself and an openness to practise !

I have all the kit you need to get started although I would  encourage you to get a beginners kit comprisisng a good quality sticky yoga mat, a brick and a foam block. You can purchase this from my own stock available each week at class. If you wish to purchase elsewhere please do so from a reputable yoga retailer.

Which class is right for me ?

Each of my yoga classes should leave you feeling physically challenged, mentally de-compressed and emotionally calm.

Beginners courses – Join the Basic Beginners for complete beginners, continue into the Intermediate Beginners  for those with experience in asana or maybe returning from a break in practice. Complete your journey in the Advanced Beginners course ready to join regular classes with me or at any other Iyengar class! You will practice many of the foundation asanas preparing you to build on the postures, anatomy and physiology of yoga. The courses are 6 weeks duration.

Intermediate Levels I & II  – In these classes we continue to focus on the blueprint yoga poses with more depth of instruction and adding more challenging asanas as the weeks unfold . Join us if you have completed your beginners courses or if you have practiced yoga before.

Intermediate Level III – Suitable for those who have a regular yoga practice and are comfortable in inversions, Sirsasana (head balance) and Sarvangasana (shoulder balance) and more. This class is not suitable for beginners. If you are a new student to me please get in touch before coming to the class, likewise if you are unsure of the suitability of the class for your current needs.

Overs 55’s – Slower paced and prop based posture class suitable for everyone. Ideal for recovery from illness, medical conditions requiring a little extra attention, and our more senior students. We will regularly look to opening the chest, mobilising the spine and connecting with breath to re-energise and revitalise mind and body.

What to expect in an Iyengar class

Classes start with everyone seated in simple crossed leg, Sukhasana, (often a foam support is used to lift lower back) and we begin taking our awareness into our body working with certain actions like lifting the spine, opening the chest and quietening the head. The class opens with the sound ‘Aum’ chanted three times and in intermediate classes and workshops the invocation to the father of Yoga, Lord Patanjali.

The asanas practiced will vary from class to class, week by week. They will include standing, seated, forward and backbends, twists, inversions and restorative postures. Different asanas have different effects on the body, mind and spirit and in Iyengar yoga you will experience each, forming an holistic practice.

Iyengar yoga places great emphasis on the alignment of the body and certain actions are required to ensure the body is working correctly, alignment bringing enlightenment one pose at a time!

Many of the asanas will be demonstrated by me giving you the chance to see what you are aiming for and you will then be guided through with anatomical detailed instruction. I will encourage you to adjust your pose either verbally or with hands on help and may even suggest using a prop.

The class will always end with Savasana where the physical body is at rest. Again the alignment of the body is emphasised to facilitate an equal relaxation of the being so you can travel gently inward as the senses withdraw, the breath slows rhythmically and the mind begins to still – and here catching glimpses of the oneness of being , breath and soul as all is joined in Yog, union. Words cannot convey the true value of an Iyengar class. It has to be experienced…

Enjoy this snapshot of a class in Sydney Australia

Where are you based ?

I teach from local venues in The Forest of Dean and lower Wye Valley.

  • The Evergreen Hall, Broadwell, Nr Coleford.
  • St.Briavels Assembly Rooms, North of Lydney.
  • The Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir.
  • On-line from my home studio to your home space.

Is there any car parking

The Evergreen Hall and The Mackenzie Hall both have on site and on road parking and at St Briavels all car parking is on road.

Do I need to book classes

Yes please. We both benefit…I can ensure there is enough kit for all students and you plant the seed of attendance and continuous practice. If you attend regularly it is also fine for you to just drop in but please always get in touch with me first if you are new to the class.

How do I pay

You can pay online using the prompts on the bookings page. You can choose to pay by Bank transfer, but it would be wonderful to maintain cash flowing in our local economy and I encourage this form of payment.

For bank transfer – BACS

Mrs Kishe Redwood