Tipi Yoga day, Leaf Creative, Huntley

Our retreat into natures garden at Leaf Creative, holding space in natures home, our Tipi and through receiving and embodying yoga in its fullest sense, in the home of yourself …..the morning was an absolutely wonderful in-between time.🌀

What an abundance of joy and vibrant energy, healing and love……lets  bottle it !

How I love what we all share, the practice in accordance to Iyengar. Bringing us together, old friends, new faces, on our mats connecting together, in unity, in Yog.

Heres what YOU thought……

“I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely morning. I’m so pleased I joined you. Special atmosphere, just the right amount of challenge…my back feels wonderfully long and free!…great teaching and great food. Thank you for putting it all together so well”. Z

“I wish to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop today. Thank you for making me  feel so welcome. Loved your yoga teaching and the other attendees were lovely as well.nThe setting and food provided by Leaf was also exceptional.”

“I’ve been thinking all afternoon for the words to describe how much I enjoyed your yoga retreat and I am still at a loss. Everything about it was just perfect and the best way to describe how I feel is that I’ve had a “factory reset” and my body is currently free from all the stresses it has collected during the past few years. I wish I could bottle how I feel right now.”

“A simple “thank you”  doesn’t do justice for what you give but THANK YOU”

“Dear Kishe, thank you for the candle gift…..adding light into the world. And for making me grounded and back into my own shape again.”

“May all the love and kindness you gave to each person today, be returned to you a thousand times over.”
Catherine x

“Many thanks for the care and joy you put into the day and for your wonderful teaching, it is truly appreciated.”

“Being with the group and in that incredible space was so uplifting and inspiring, and the photos are a great reminder of the day.”