The yoga of breath

Thursday evenings in July

7pm -8.15pm

4th, 11th, 18th, 25th July 2024

If you’ve been wanting to learn a little more about Breath work…
Expand your regular yoga practice to include pranayama…
or you’re looking for a comprehensive and practical guide to the art of breathing…

this 4 module course is for you! 

Expect clear guidance in :
How to use different breath techniques
Sensitivity & body-mind awareness required for deep Breathwork practice
The art of sitting for prānāyāma

Techniques you’ll practice:
Rhythmic breathing (Ujjāyī)
Breath retention (Viloma & kumbhaka)
Digital prānāyāma
Cleansing breath (Kapālabhati)

It is expected that you have a full Iyengar kit for practice (mat, blanket, bolster, belt, 4x foam blocks, 2x bricks) a chair and wall are often used.

1 year yoga practice to participate

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Yoga on-line. The Iyengar method with its detailed instruction and focus on precision enables us to teach and be taught with confidence for the utmost benefit and safety of all participants whilst using the livestream medium. It is a boon to our practice. Add to this the warmth and comfort of your own home and you have a perfect recipe to absorb the finer details of breath work without the disruption of travelling to class venues.

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