The Art of Alignment

n this four module course, each workshop will teach you to integrate alignment into the core of your practice. When we do this it is possible to experience an amazing transformation in your body and practice.

In the beginning our body awareness tends to be very shallow and is often defined by patterns of movement that have been established in our activities, work & injuries. This means you will tend to emphasise use of certain joints and muscles while others are underutilised. Yoga postures are often performed within the limits of these patterns. In good alignment you dont let these patterns control your asana, rather you challenge your body to create ease, stability and self-awareness.

I will instruct in skilful adjustment which is likely to leave you feeling areas of your body that you had not felt before and even give you insights as to how to manage pain, stiffness and hypermobility add in the harnessing of a more peaceful and focused mind your yoga practice begins to be experienced on many levels.

In following our Iyengar cycle of carefully curated sequences of locomotion (systemised at the Iyengar Institute, Pune, India) this course will teach fundamental aligned action in standing poses, forward and back extensions, inversions, balancing and restoring. This is the foundation we need to begin or deepen our yoga practice.

The workshops land on a Sunday Morning on our mats at 10am -12pm.

January 28th – Standing Poses

We will explore Standing poses this month which form the foundation of all the other poses. They build strength, stamina and flexibility in body, mind and spirit. Very important too is the base of the pose as everything begins with a stable foundation so you will be guided well in the positioning of the feet and legs, also the arms and head! We will become accustomed to various movements often unkown to the practioner and how to co-ordinate and link the movements of the joints of the body. These standing asana break the inertia and lazy nature of the body building stamina and yeilding enduring strength in the practioner whilst calling your mind to be in the present moment.

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February 25th -Forward extensions

We will explore Forward bends this month (standing, seated and supine) focusing on the correct movement of torso, legs and hips to tilt the whole torso forward in one line at the junction of the hip joints. We will spend time on the intermediate stage, what we call ‘concave back’ to ensure safe expression of the spine throughout the practice, using props where necessary, before taking poses deeper. What we will discover is that flexibility can not be achieved by force….only with patient persistence. 

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March 24th – Backward extensions

We will explore backward extensions this month focusing on the safe expression of the spine bringing it into an even arc. The previous two workshops will teach us the correct use of the legs to support the spine and the correct activation of the back muscles to to participate in safe elongation of the whole body. By opening your chest, heart space in backhanding we can become more conscious of our feelings and the emotional landscape of our environment.

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April 28th – Restorative

We shall explore restorative postures this month which include backbends, forward bends, twists and inversions all supported so you use very little muscular effort. We let go and allow the circulation of breath and mind to be more integrated with the body. You will guided in the correct use of a number of props including bolster, belt, blocks and bricks, chair and wall to create a perfect balance of non-doing, just being in the subtle movement of your body and breath, the perfect finale to the regular more demanding asana practices of the last three workshops.

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The Art of Alignment workshops/course;

Each workshop can be taken as a stand alone practice. However the real benefits will take root if you attend all four modules. We will follow the workshop with a warm drink and sweet treat and the chance to ask questions or just to connect.

What will I take away;

Youll learn to balance your weight evenly, strengthen your legs so they more effectively lift and support your spine, extend and rotate your spine and body through its full range, chest opening, enhanced breath awareness, and change your perspective through inversions.

Focusing on alignment fosters your growing sense of body awareness and boosts your self-confidence. A lot of people feel quite disconnected from their physical bodies. Iyengar Yoga works to reintegrate the body and mind with alignment as one of its primary tools.

Youll get professional and highly trained instruction and effective guidance how to use the right tools/props to hit every note of the poses in the safest way.

Who will benefit from the course

Anyone beginning their yoga journey.

Students already with an established yoga practice

Yoga teachers of different styles

Body movement professionals


Personal Trainers

Our venue

Chepstow Yoga Space  First Floor, 10 Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DD

The studio offers a bright, clean and welcoming environment perfect for our barefoot yoga workshops. All equipment is provided so just come as you are


The full immersion, four monthly workshops; £100

Individual workshop; £30

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