Maitri Karuna Mudita – friendship, compassion, joy.

Friday December 15th 10am-12pm

The Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir

Maitri Karuna Mudita – friendship, compassion, joy.

The virtues for mental peace

Yet for many of us to achieve peace and serenity within does seem like an uphill struggle. Our fast-paced lifestyles and stressful ways of the world can cause us to periodically behave in ways that do not align with our inherent nature.

This time of year can leave us seeking sancturay to find the balance between chaos and order.

The virtues of friendship, compassion and joy ( and indifference)

are fundamental for our own favourable disposition or mental peace.

Daily life distractions are many, but the whole point is not to let these situations persist.

These primary virtues hold the key.

This is my hand of gratitude held out to you all.

A morning to indulge in our final practice of the year,

celebrate Guruji BKS Iyengar’s 105th birth anniversary with tea and cake

and sort your wish list kit needs from the wildwood yoga stock,

laugh with old friends and new faces.

Please join me. Bookings open !

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