Lizzie Biggin has been practising yoga for over 25 years & is a qualified Senior Level 2 teacher. She is also a trained dancer, fine artist, and performance artist. She has spent the last three years building her plane TIZY from scratch and journeying one airstrip at a time from Johanesburg to Gloucester touching down into a myriad of destinations in Africa and Europe. We were grateful that she had both feet on the ground for our workshop.

Hello Kishe, I wanted to say how lovely and welcoming you made us all feel on Sunday. I really wasn’t very well that day so may not have looked too appreciative but trust me it was all noted.

Thank you Kishe. A born provider and nurturer 💛

Thanks Kishe. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice. Lizzie was lovely too. And a pilot to boot!  I can talk about flying for hours. Maybe good that I didn’t have the time 😉. Your food was delicious also. All in all, a pretty perfect Sunday morning. 

Thanks again


Thank you Kishe for a lovely morning of yoga and really delicious lunch.

Hope to see you again soon.

Annabel x