Wellbeing in the workplace continues to rightfully gain more attention and exposure as a beneficial practice to both the participant as well as the organisation.

Through the practice of yoga, one can feel more grounded, focused, positive, healthier, energised and productive, attributes that enhance an organisation and aid the vitality and experience of staff both in and out of working hours.

Workplace classes can be designed accordingly with either equal emphasis on breath work, asanas (postures) and relaxation/mindfulness techniques, or tailored to focus more on one aspect of yoga practice. Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. Classes are tailored to consider every participant (regardless of their fitness and state of health) and taught in a safe and enjoyable way. I am fully insured.

What do we need?

Space: A clear space that wont be disturbed for the duration of the class. Each participant requires approximately 2m x 1m of floor space. Participants can wear comfortable clothes that they can easily move in.

Equipment: I can provide yoga mats, blocks and other equipment. I also offer retail discount on equipment should you choose to purchase.

Class Sizes: Class sizes are open ended. If everyone is new to yoga, we recommend no more than 12 participants to ensure enough individual instruction.

For fitter or more experienced groups, the class sizes can be larger. For more individual attention, small class sizes are beneficial.

Class times: range from 30mins to 1.5hours. Common times are before work, during lunchtime or after work.

Cost: £100