Iyengar yoga, for me is a positive journey, one where I continually learn how to work, to get the best out of my body and mind. The poses are of tremendous benefit enabling me to recover from and live with my various temporary injuries, permanent conditions and life changing situations. I can practice Iyengar yoga even though I may not be able to do the full pose, that’s the thing I truly love, the use of props and equipment gives me the same benefit as someone who can do the full pose. My yoga has “leaked” out into my everyday life making all the physical and mental challenges just that little bit easier.


Having tried many different yoga classes over the years, in different parts of the country, I have found my yoga home in Kishe’s class. Kishe is a real inspiration, for her knowledge and ability in Iyengar practice, her warmth of personality, and skill in teaching. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned practitioner Kishe will work to your strength and ability, always encouraging, always patient, and always ready to gently push you just a little further than you thought you could go. Yoga classes generally seem to reflect the skill and personality of the teacher, and at Wildwood this results in really friendly, happy sessions with humour, kindness and rewarding hard work.


Your lessons are amazing & your pupils do know how lucky we all are.


Highly recommended fully qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She caters for all levels and there is always a warm welcome to every class. Best instructor iv had.🙏☯️


I really enjoy Kishe’s friendly classes. They’re hard work, but fun too.She’s one of the best Iyengar Yoga teachers I’ve had, and takes an interest in inspiring and encouraging everyone to achieve their potential, whatever their ability. It’s not competitive. I choose Iyengar yoga because it requires focused concentration on good alignment of the body with breathing, leaving you feeling energized, stretched and content – mindfulness with added physical benefits. Everyone should practise it!


I really love yoga with Kishe she’s a great teacher and very personable. I’ve always wanted to do yoga and have left it quite late in life ( but not too late). Currently coming to the end of a beginners group with a lovely bunch of people. Absolutely determined to keep going with it.


Classes are great to take you away from the daily grind. I have felt welcomed by all. The atmosphere enables you to have a go at everything and is tailored to suit your own needs. I look forward to my class and my mind and body feel energised by it. I would recommend this to everyone.


“I wish to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop today. Thank you for making me  feel so welcome. Loved your yoga teaching and the other attendees were lovely as well.The setting and food provided by Leaf was also exceptional. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine”

Kindest regards


“I’ve been thinking all afternoon for the words to describe how much I enjoyed your yoga retreat and I am still at a loss. Everything about it was just perfect and the best way to describe how I feel is that I’ve had a “factory reset” and my body is currently free from all the stresses it has collected during the past few years. I wish I could bottle how I feel right now.

A simple “thank you”  doesn’t do justice for what you give but THANK YOU 😊 especially as I may not always show my appreciation in class.”

Jill xxx

“Dear Kishe, thank you for the candle gift…..adding light into the world. And for making me grounded and back into my own shape again.

May all the love and kindness you gave to each person today, be returned to you a thousand times over”

x Catherine 

“Hi kishe, Many thanks for the care and joy you put into the day and for your wonderful teaching, it is truly appreciated. 

Being with the group and in that incredible space was so uplifting and inspiring, thanks for the photos, great reminders of the day.”