OVER 55’s

As we age it is vital to maintain good posture, balance, flexibility and strength to stay active and preserve a good quality of life. My classes for active older students focus on these aspects.

The 55+ class is taught at a moderate pace to allow time to focus on specific actions essential to the asana. Students learn how yoga improves the function of the respiratory, circulatory and organic systems of the body. The sequences are taught with a focus on protecting the joints, improving bone density, and strengthening the arm and leg muscles.

Who is this class for?
Ages 55+
Students with some prior experience of Iyengar yoga
All levels from Beginners to Intermediate

I hope you find the class a friendly and supportive space to practise yoga alongside people of a similar age. It provides freedom to practise the poses and use props in ways that are specific to the physical needs of mature students.

Thursdays 10.45am Evergreen Hall, Coleford

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