Pranayama – The Yoga of Breath

On line via Zoom 

Thursdays in July 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

7pm – 8.15pm

4 module course 

If you’ve been wanting to learn a little more about Breath work…
Expand your regular yoga practice to include pranayama…
or you’re looking for a comprehensive and practical guide to the art of breathing…this four module course is for you.

Expect clear guidance in :
How to use different breath techniques
Sensitivity & body-mind awareness required for deep Breathwork practice
The art of sitting for prānāyāma

Techniques you’ll practice:

Rhythmic breathing 
Breath retention
Digital prānāyāma 
Cleansing breath 
Withdrawal of the senses

Those attending classes regularly for a year or more are encouraged to step into the 5th limb of our Astanga path taking your own practice to the next level.

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“At the end of inhalation and the start of retention the (student) experiences a spark of divinity…
He feels the oneness of body, breath and self.“

BKS Iyengar


You will be guided toward…..

  • Mapping the body
  • Yogasana for Pranayama
  • Savasana
  • Different breath techniques

The Techniques you’ll practice:

  • Rhythmic breathing – Ujjayi
  • Breath retention – kumbhaka
  • Interupted Breath – Viloma  
  • Cleansing breath -Bhastrika/kapalabhati

1 year yoga experience essential.

£60 full course


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