The Iyengar method with its detailed instruction and focus on precision enables us to teach and be taught with confidence for the utmost benefit and safety of all participants whilst using the livestream medium. It is a boon to our practice.


Going Live…

To join class just click the link in your confirmation email and it will take you to our Zoom portal.

Be ready to join 5-10 minutes before start time, so we can all say hello and sort out any technical hitches. Once everyone has arrived I will start the class promptly and I will mute your microphone. If you wish to speak you can un-mute yourself or you can use the chat button to send a message that I can answer direct.

If your internet connection is really poor you can turn your video off and switch to audio only; I won’t be able to see you but you will still see and hear me.

Yoga stuff

Each class is different so it’s best to have the following things available just in case: Yoga mat, brick, blanket, belt (visit the Wildwood shop for all equipment or purchase from a reputable store like Yoga Matters)

If you don’t have any of the above you can be inventive. Hard back books as blocks, towels as blankets, dressing gown ties or actual belts as belts!  Yoga equipment is an essential for best practice and is relatively inexpensive so perhaps invest in some kit. I have everything you need , please contact me.

I am still hiring kit that we use at our local venues, just ask!


Technical stuff

A computer, tablet or sufficiently sized smart phone and a reliable internet connection to stream video. Where possible please can you set up your camera, facing it ‘head on’ so that you can see me and I can see you, just as you would in a studio class – this is preferable to having the camera to your side where you can’t see the instruction. It’s much better to have the camera a little further away and ideally up on a height – shelf / stool / chair or even a stool ON a table / bed and angled so that I can see the whole of you and your mat. Try to avoid putting it at floor level / really close up as I can’t see much like that. For evening classes, good lighting really helps. If you are in a very limited space, you can only do what you can do, so please don’t worry too much.

Set yourself up where you have space to lay a mat down, have enough height to extend your hands upwards and enough width to take your arms out to the side.