Most of us come to yoga because of the physical benefits, this strengthens the body and builds up our energy which is an important foundation to set.

Eventually, a strong body will lead to a strong mind.

This is immensely important because a strong mind is required to stop running away from yourself and to stop running away from suffering.

When you actually face it, and move through it, you become free and liberated from it — this act is one of the greatest human achievements!

But, it all starts by showing up on your mat and I am here to help that!

I will show up at your home or chosen practice space and together we will take a step by step journey on YOUR Yoga path, allowing what unfolds and unfurls to guide us in an holistic and organic nurturing and blossoming of YOU.

Practice sessions are 1 hour duration.

All kit provided.

Fee £35-£45 depending on the needs and conditions of self.