Class Etiquette

RIYMI- Pune, India


Bring your own mat and any equipment you need to use. I do have all the equipment available but where possible, bring your own. To purchase kit please visit my shop or purchase from a reputable yoga retailer.

Please take shoes off before entering the hall. Phones should be switched off and stored out of sight.

Bring a warm layer of clothing, these are village halls!


Before class starts gather yourselves and your kit, make payments, inform of medical conditions. Sit and quieten before practice. Habitual tardiness is disrespectful to students and myself as your teacher please try to be on time.

Please turn all mobile phones off .

Please place all your props at the end of your mat stacked neatly.

When returning props at the end of class please take care to pack neatly and with respect, particularly the blankets which should be folded correctly and stacked uniformly.

Questions during class regarding instructions are welcome.

Injuries or medical issues should be discussed before class or briefly when asked at the beginning of class.

Humour is always welcomed.

Wear appropriate clothing that allows free movement, close fitting leggins are ideal. No socks or shoes.

If you can take a shower before practice you will be clean and feel really great…promise!

Please respect your teacher and other students. Have empathy and practice compassion.