Online Booking

by kishe

Why do I have to book my mat place now ?

This new system has been implemented to ensure you feel comfortable to come to class. When booking I can then confidently keep the numbers to the new maximum as defined by the size of the hall.

I realise that this takes the spontaneity out of coming to class but at the moment it seems we have to comply with these new procedures in many aspects of our life..from eating out to taking your recycling to the tip. Yoga classes too! However, if you want to just drop by on the off chance do, but I cannot guarantee you will be able to join us.

I don’t want to pay online I like paying at class…..

I get that. That is why I have set up the system to accept both on line and cash payments. 

I wish to pay by bank transfer….

Yes you can still do that too. When you book your mat space just let me know you’ve made a bank transfer in the ‘additional info’ box. I have also installed a payment method called Stripe. Here you will be asked to enter your credit/debit card just like you do with any online purchase.

I want to continue to buy a 6 class yoga card

You can! Choose the option to book and pay for a class pass for the live classes and Zoom sessions. 

£48 for 6 live classes

£30 for 6 online classes

Both will have a validity of 8 weeks from first use.

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