Weekly Classes

Here are the regular classes. Don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions.

Up-to-date details will be listed in Latest News on a weekly basis.


Next Beginners course 7.30pm Monday JANUARY 7th 2019. Evergreen Hall ,Coleford.

This course will run for 6 consecutive weeks with a class time of 60mins. BOOKINGS OPEN

Monday Morning – Coleford

General Level I/II class – £8.00

9.30 – 11.00am

Evergreen Hall,
Broadwell, near Coleford
GL16 7BN

This class is a great start to the week. You will rejuvenate after your weekend and rediscover a sense of wholeness to set you up for your week ahead. There are a range of abilities and flexibilities, newer students to seasoned practitioners at the class, all levels are catered for but please get in touch first if you are a complete beginner to yoga or new to the Iyengar method.

Monday Evening – Coleford

General Level I/ll class – £8.00

5:45 pm – 7.15 pm

Evergreen Hall,
Broadwell, near Coleford
GL16 7BN

This is the evening version of the daytime class. Once again students come with a range of abilities and maturity of practice. This particular session  has grown to include a good number of male students (rebalancing from the activities of the weekend no doubt!) All students will benefit from safely lengthening tight hamstrings, bringing flexibility to tight shoulders, cleansing and strengthening all the systems of the body bringing a sense of calm to your week ahead. Join us!

Monday Evenings Beginners course

7.30pm – 8.30pm

New year course Starts Jan 7th – Feb 11th (6 consecutive weeks)



Evergreen Hall,
Broadwell, near Coleford
GL16 7BN

7.30-8.30pm – BOOKING OPEN.



This course provides a strong foundation for anyone new to yoga. You may be looking for relief from back pain, or wish to improve your performance in sporting challenges, or need a tool to manage stress, you may be embarking on a spiritual journey. All good reasons to give yoga a try and in this course you will get a comprehensive structured introduction to the Iyengar method.

Tuesday Evening – Coleford

Beginners class – £8.00

5.30pm – 6.45pm

Bell’s Hotel, Coleford, GL16 8BE

Timed so you can join us straight from work we undo the habitual nature of the day and set a great foundation for your week to continue refreshed, rebalanced, revitalised on a physical, mental and emotional level. This is a class of mixed abilities and needs where we always welcome new students of yoga or those new to the Iyengar method.

The venue is really nice too !

Level II class – £8.00

7.00pm – 8.30pm

Bell’s Hotel, Coleford, GL16 8BE

This is a focused group of men and woman where we include inversions on a regular basis. Ideal if you want a more intermediate practice where we expand on the detail and depth of investigation in our asanas and include the practice of more challenging postures which we do with a good dollop of humour!  You can even set aside your vinyasa and attend this class (for sometimes the yoga we need most is the one we dislike the most!)  This session is not suitable for beginners.

Thursday Morning – Coleford

General Level I/II class – £8.00

9.30 am – 11 am

Evergreen Hall,
Broadwell, near Coleford
GL16 7BN

Set the pace for the end of the week by focusing on a series of asana that will put you in touch with all the systems of the body. Physical practice, breathing freely and relaxation mould together to bring a fully rounded balanced foundation to springboard you into your weekend with energy and light. Please get in touch first if you are a complete novice to yoga or the Iyengar method.

Thursday Morning- Coleford- £8

Restorative / Over 55’s

11.15am – 12.30pm

Venue as above

This is a class designed for the changing needs of the body working with movement and postures that support good health for recuperating, tired or ageing bodies. We use props designed to assist our ability to bring out the very best in our practice despite certain limitations. All welcome.

Thursday evening –  Continuation course 6 consecutive weeks starting Jan 10th 2019

Clearwell Memorial Hall, Clearwell, Coleford

5.30 – 6.45pm –  BOOK NOW


This course is designed to encourage those new to the Iyengar method  to take up a practice but also to encourage those who wish to return to a yoga practice after time out . Over the 6 weeks you will build a safe and solid foundation for you to move confidently into the more general level I and II classes

Course fee £45.



Lay the foundation for your Iyengar yoga journey in these six week courses. Read more about the course on the Beginners course page.

General Level I/II class – £8.00

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Clearwell Village Hall, Clearwell

This class is timed to encourage a post work asana practice which is currently attended by a mixed ability group of students whose individual needs are all catered for. This is an upbeat class of dedicated practitioners.  Not suitable for complete beginners.

Friday Morning – Brockweir

General/Level I class – £8.00

9:30 am – 11am

Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir NP16 7NW

A lovely end of week class of mixed abilities and ages. Beginners are also welcome.

Saturday Morning – Eastern Yoga, Easton, Bristol

Beginners class – 9.00 – 10.30am

Intermediate class – 11am – 12.30pm


Beginners and Improvers Course fees can be paid by bank transfer

You can just drop in to Wildwood classes at a fee of £8 per class.

You can also purchase a yoga card which offers a saving on fees and easy payment.

£45.00 – 6 classes

The card is valid for 10 weeks and cannot be used after the expiry date.

Yoga cards are not used for the pop up and summer extended classes.

How to pay?

Cash or cheque at class or by bank transfer.

Bank Details

Account Name: Kishe Redwood

Sort – Code: 53- 81- 21

Account No:83124462

Reference: Your name and what you are paying for.

You can make payment for single classes, kit purchases and the Beginners Course using the same account details.